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Seal various cable penetrations with only one product

An unsealed conduit and cable penetration causes air and moisture to enter and structural damage to be caused. Cable sleeves can prevent this, but are necessary in various sizes - which means a lot of material in the construction zone. Our hySeal air sealing sleeves help you to use less material.

Cable bushings for dry construction

In dry construction, an air-, vapour- and water-tight cable penetration is an effective contribution to construction safety. A solution that offers reliable sealing of power cables, conduits and empty pipes prevents the following problems:

  • Moisture penetration of insulation layers
  • Vermin infestation of drywalls
  • Draught and heat loss
  • rot in plasterboard, fibreboard or chipboard

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Seal various cable penetrations with only one product

Properties of the hySeal air sealing sleeves

Hydrophon has developed a universal solution for these challenges that combines reliability, easy processing and low costs.

The inner circuit made of flexible plastic can be used with any common cable size.  It is also possible to feed through several cables. When pulled over the cable, a collar is formed automatically during assembly, which tightly encloses the outer insulation. If a cable is retrofitted, our specially developed airtight collar can be used.

Use of hySeal air sealing sleeves in practice

The sealing systems have proven themselves in practice, especially in dry construction. An unsealed conduit and cable penetration is always a source of danger for problems of all kinds. The insulation layer between the stud walls is particularly at risk. Heat loss and mould formation are practically unavoidable with an unsealed cable penetration. The fibrous insulation layers are the ideal retreat for ants, termites or cockroaches. Repairing this damage caused by missing or defective sealing collars is only possible by demolition and new construction.

Advantages of the hySeal air sealing sleeve

Hydrophon's simple hySeal air sealing collars convince customers for the following reasons:

  • universal sleeve for all types of passageways
  • simple and quick application
  • low collar height
  • a self-adhesive closure for unused passages

Hydrophon's hySeal air sealing collars are glued to the vapour barriers of insulation layers. They achieve their optimum effect on plastic film. This makes them the solution of choice for finishing roofs and exposed light buildings such as garden sheds or forest huts.

From planning to the finished product.

  • 1. Market­analysis

    We are always on the lookout for innovative opportunities.

  • 2. Solution­finding

    We offer you uncomplicated and flexible solutions for your individual requirements.

  • 3. Sample­production

    Flexible, fast and reliable according to your individual wishes.

  • 4. Quality­security

    High quality in all areas is a matter of course for us.

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Information video bathroom waterproofing

Bathroom waterproofing from hydrophon - fast and clean like no other

Time and again, moisture damage occurs in bathrooms due to a lack of or inadequate waterproofing. Water vapor and splash water penetrate the substrate through the supposedly waterproof tiling, causing expensive damage to the building fabric. Corrosion of metallic building materials, detachment of tiles and efflorescence on the surface are also among the consequences of inadequate bathroom waterproofing. With our bonded waterproofing, you are on the safe side in this respect. You can waterproof the entire bathroom with little effort - quickly, cleanly and without drying times.

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