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Surface preparation

Only 5min drying time

Spray adhesive is an important component when laying tiles. There are many different types of spray adhesive, each with their own properties and benefits. It is important to choose the right type of spray adhesive to achieve the optimum surface preparation when laying tiles. Convince yourself of our spray adhesives now.

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hyPrime - for uninhibited bathing pleasure

When time is of the essence and the tiler is already on his way, the fastest surface wetting from Hydrophon is the solution.

  • Ideal as a primer for our sealing tapes, sealing sets, 3D wall sleeves and other products.
  • For all surfaces & materials: wood, metal, ceramic, glass & more
  • Creates a smooth surface, excellent adhesion, fast drying, easy application
  • Very good sanding properties, very economical, weather-resistant
  • Optimum preparation for the subsequent top coat
  • No long drying times required
  • Very economical (approx. 6 m² per can)

How do I prime a wall or floor surface without spreadable liquid and drying time? hyPrime is the unique system-tested surface primer for dry-bondable sealing systems! Quick, easy and clean to use! Our three primer containers for hyFlat and hyTub wall/floor sealing have been expanded.

hyPrime spray primer gun shortens the priming time on walls and floors. Simply slide the spray gun onto the edge of the primer can, set the spray head to high and apply colored primer to the surfaces to be sealed in a controlled manner.

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