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Tub leveling strip 1sk

Plumbers take note, the bathtub sealing tape finally gets help with walls that are not parallel to the edge of the bath. Our new closed-cell hyonSoft compression foam with a thickness of 10 mm and a width of 25 mm wide simply closes off gaps at the edge of the bath. Self-adhesive and tub-tight of course. Simply stick to the edge of the bath and fill with bath sealing tape.

The benefits:

  • Bathtub sealing tapes run tension-free and straight between the edge of the bath and the wall! Another exclusive product development from the Sauerland Bathroom Sealing Center
  • A perfect handover for wall / floor floor sealing from the plumber to the tiler. Closes the gaps and relaxes the bathtub sealing tape.


Tub surface protection set

NEW! Extend spacer tape between bath rim and tile with bath protection fleece with anti-slip function.
Self-adhesive on both sides, removable and with complete bath protection function!

As a set for shower tray (1.2 x 1.2 m) and bath (1 x 2 m) hyTub bath protection systems protect!

For the life of the construction site!


Spray primer gun

How do I prime a wall or floor surface without paintable liquid and drying time?
hyPrime is the unique system-tested surface primer for dry-bondable sealing systems! Quick, easy and clean to use!

Our three primer containers for hyFlat and hyTub wall/floor sealing have been expanded. hyPrime spray primer gun shortens the priming time on walls and floors.
Simply slide the spray gun onto the edge of the primer can, set the spray head to high and apply colored primer to the surfaces to be sealed in a controlled manner.

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