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The advantages of stamping technology

In foam technology, there are two common methods for cutting foam: die-cutting and kiss-cutting.

In die-cutting, a special die-cutting tool is used to cut foam into a specific shape. The punching tool consists of a sharp blade embedded in a rigid plate. During the die-cutting process, the tool pushes through the cellular plastic to cut the foam. Die-cutting is well suited to the production of large formats of foam parts with a specific shape, and the automated process is fast and efficient.

In kiss-cut and rotary die-cutting, the self-adhesive foam is also cut with a die-cutting tool, but only the foam and adhesive are cut without cutting through the siliconized cover film or paper. The kiss-cut process (stroke) and the rotary die-cutting technique make it possible for the self-adhesive foam to be easily removed from the backing film and applied to another surface.

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Sanitary ceramic strips

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Stamping technology for sanitary products

Discover the precision and versatility of kiss-cutting technology for the sanitary sector - an innovative method for precise cuts and customized solutions. Our kiss-cut processes enable precise cuts right down to the carrier foil without damaging the underlying material.

The adaptability of the punching technology extends across a range of materials, from robust plastics to delicate surfaces. This versatility makes it the ideal choice for sanitary products such as gaskets, decorative elements and labels.

Our specialized machines and tools ensure not only precise cuts, but also adaptation to different shapes and sizes. This enables us to offer customized solutions for individual requirements in the sanitary sector.

Thanks to the efficiency of kiss-cut technology, we produce cost-effectively and minimize waste. This enables fast and precise production of sanitary products such as seals, decorative cladding and functional components.

Find out more about our kiss-cut solutions and their application in the sanitary sector. Contact us to discover the possibilities of stamping technology for your specific sanitary products and benefit from precise cuts for your individual requirements.

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