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Our advantages with HotMelt adhesive coating

Our HotMelt adhesive coating not only enables fast production, but also guarantees reliable adhesion to a wide range of plastics and films. The resulting bonds withstand even extreme conditions such as moisture and temperature fluctuations, ensuring long-lasting results.

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Beatric Rempel
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HotMelt adhesive coating in sanitaryware

Discover the power of HotMelt adhesive coating in sanitaryware - an innovative solution for robust and durable joints. Our high-quality HotMelt technology offers an efficient method of producing sanitaryware such as shower enclosures, bathroom furniture and tiles.
With our HotMelt adhesive coating technology, we ensure not only fast and precise application, but also strong adhesion to a wide range of materials. These bonds withstand the demanding requirements of the sanitary sector, from moisture and temperature fluctuations to daily wear and tear.
We rely on environmentally friendly adhesives with low VOC emissions and offer solvent-free options to minimize environmental impact without compromising performance.
Our expertise in the sanitary sector guarantees tailor-made solutions for your needs. Rely on our HotMelt adhesive coating to deliver high-quality, long-lasting sanitary products that meet the highest standards.
Find out more about our HotMelt technology and its benefits for the sanitary sector. Contact us to find out how we can improve your sanitary products with this innovative coating technology.

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