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Lay tiles perfectly – hydrophon solutions for tilers

Tiles are among the most popular wall and floor coverings in bathrooms. However, the tile joints are not as tight as they should be. Moisture and pollutants can penetrate through them into the substrate and damage the fabric of the building. Other possible consequences are efflorescence on the surface, the corrosion of metallic building materials and the detachment of the tiles. To avoid these problems, you should always waterproof areas of risk before laying tiles in wet rooms. We offer tiling companies the right products for this purpose.

Seal walls and floors quickly and easily

All surfaces subject to moderate to strong moisture must be sealed. In bathrooms, this applies to both wall and floor coverings. Wall surfaces in areas in the range of spray water from showers and bathtubs are especially affected. However, reliable sealing is also required for all floor surfaces that are repeatedly exposed to spray and cleaning water. For this purpose, we recommend our self-adhesive sealing system, which you can use to seal walls and floors as well as wall-to-wall and wall-to-floor transitions easily and quickly – with no drying times at all.

State-of-the-art bathroom design with self-adhesive tiles

In addition to our bathroom sealing, our self-adhesive tiles are also attractive to tilers. They are easy to cut, can be installed without joints and allow fast and efficient processing. Available in various colours and sizes, they allow innovative designs for shower cubicles, bathtub edging, walls and floors.

With our self-adhesive sealing systems and tiles, tiling is much faster than when using the conventional method. All our products match each other perfectly. This way, you can complete any task easily and efficiently with a minimum of effort. Not only do you work much more economically, but your customers also no longer have to live with a construction site in their home for days on end. This means higher customer satisfaction, which means a big image boost.


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