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Time-saving solutions for professional processors

Tradesmen's order books are full. In some trades, waiting times for customers are now several weeks to months. Due to the high order density among trade companies, the time slots for individual assignments are becoming increasingly tight. Even the smallest delay can disrupt the entire schedule. Under these circumstances, any amount of time saved, no matter how small, is a great relief for processors. With our self-adhesive products, we ensure that there are no unnecessary waiting times for (bathroom) sealing, tiling and soundproofing, and that these trades can all function smoothly.

Dry bonding saves time delays at the construction site

Building one's own home and renovating existing buildings are extremely complex projects involving a wide variety of trades. Drywall builders, painters, glaziers and carpenters sometimes work one after the other, but sometimes also alongside each other. This often leads to the problem that construction projects are delayed because the contractors have to wait for each other. This means that deadlines cannot be met, with an inevitable delay of subsequent work.

A particularly time-consuming factor on construction sites, especially with solid construction, are the drying times. Starting with the shell of the building, through to the plastering and screed, drying times of days to months are needed. Up to now, these have remained unavoidable. The situation is different with bathroom sealing, soundproofing and tiling. With our self-adhesive systems, drying times have become a thing of the past in these areas. Application is fast, easy and clean, and does not require additional adhesives or other construction chemicals. All you need to do is remove the protective film from each product, position it in the right place and press it down.

In no time at all, you can create an optimal interface for waterproofing, vertical surfaces and transitions, as well as individually designed tiled floors and walls. Once you are finished with your work, you can immediately hand the site over to the next tradesman. There are no more delays that potentially result in expensive contractual penalties.


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