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Bathroom sealing made easy – hydrophon solutions for installers

Showers, bathrooms and other wet and damp rooms present special challenges for installers. The greatest potential risk lies in permanent moisture, for example from spray water or steam. Resulting damage can only be avoided in the long term by professional sealing. Since 2017, DIN 18534 has become binding for interiors, which applies to installers as well as to planners and tilers. Our products allow you to play it safe in this respect.

Professional sealing according to DIN 18534

The areas of application of this DIN include indoor floor and wall surfaces exposed to service and cleaning water with a maximum water accumulation height of ten centimetres. This applies to bathrooms in the private sector as well as to shower facilities in sports complexes, commercial kitchens, swimming pools and any floor areas with drainage in general.

As an installer, DIN requires you to be aware above all that silicone joints on bathtub or shower tray rims are no longer considered sufficient protection against moisture. At most, they may only be used as aesthetic or maintenance joints. Our bathroom seals offer you an easy-to-use alternative to sealing that not only offer a significant boost in safety, but also high cost-efficiency and time savings in installation.

Considering the high claims for compensation for water damage, "we've always done it this way" is not a good solution. Even if silicone joints were long commonly used as the sole sealant in the bathroom – today you should keep away from them. Silicone joints are a dirt repellent and a cosmetic finish that requires maintenance.
We recommend our self-adhesive bathroom seals, which are quick and easy to apply and require no tedious drying times. A closure must always be installed at edge of the tub body.


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