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Personal initiative can save a lot of money when building or renovating a house. However, it is up to each individual to realistically judge how far his or her own abilities extend. The important thing is that all the work is done properly. Otherwise, the insurance company may refuse to settle any claims in the event of subsequent damage. Our bathroom sealing and soundproofing products and our self-adhesive tiles are an ideal place to start. They comply with the standards for the respective area of application and can be processed quickly and easily by experienced DIY enthusiasts.

Even as a do-it-yourselfer, you must comply with the DIN standards

The "do it yourself" approach is gaining in popularity in house construction. Currently, about 15 percent of all prefabricated houses are sold in partially finished form. How high the saving potential is in each case depends on the abilities and the time budget of the owner. On average, around ten percent of construction costs can be saved by performing the construction work on one's own. If a highly affordable construction project comes together with a lot of do-it-yourself work, a savings of up to twenty percent is even realistic. The general rule here is that building owners are liable for everything that they do themselves. If they make a mistake, they also have to pay for any follow-up costs. It is therefore advisable to only take on work that you have truly mastered or that is easy to learn.

With our self-adhesive products, you basically can't do anything wrong. All you have to do is pull off the protective film, position the sealing tape, soundproofing or tile in the right place and press it all down firmly. No additional adhesives or other construction chemicals are required.

The important thing is that, even as a do-it-yourselfer, you must comply with common building regulations, such as DIN 18534. This regulation governs the waterproofing of interiors and states, among other things, that the silicone joints used in the past are no longer sufficient as the sole sealing solution. Our sealing systems allow you to play it safe in this respect.


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