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Prefabricated houses and bathrooms – products and services for manufacturers

Unlike solid houses erected on site, prefabricated houses are already made in the factory. Once at the construction site, the numbered components are simply set up and properly connected. This allows a house that is ready for occupancy to be built within a very short time. The same procedure can also be applied for bathrooms. The bathrooms are also prefabricated in the factory and are delivered and installed as a modular or compact unit. There are just as few limits to furnishing wishes as there are to the floor plan design. However, standards such as DIN 18534, which regulates the waterproofing of interiors, must also be observed in the construction of prefabricated bathrooms and houses.

Fast, high-quality innovations in line with current market developments

Our bathroom sealing systems are significantly lighter than a wet seal and are therefore ideally suited for prefabricated bathrooms and houses. Especially with regard to transport, where every kilogram counts, their lower weight means a high savings potential. Further advantages result from their easy processability and the elimination of drying times, which enable seamless process integration and ensure high process reliability.

It is to be expected that the prefabricated house and bathroom construction will play an increasingly important role in the future. At the same time, demands will rise constantly, making new solutions necessary. Whether bathroom sealing, soundproofing or self-adhesive tiles: we are at your side as a problem-solver and supplier of ideas. As an agile and flexible partner, we work with you to develop new concepts based on market conditions and customer requirements. We keep the time to market as short as possible by consistently aligning our products and quickly adapting to changing conditions.

Manufacturers of prefabricated houses and prefabricated bathrooms benefit greatly from our expertise in materials and our experience in the field of bonding technology. We would be happy to work with you, too, to create customised solutions that meet every desired requirement.


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