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Tub sealing tape from hydrophon - perfect protection against water damage and mould

Surfactants contained in soaps, bath additives and shampoos lower the surface tension of water. This gives the liquid a different dynamic, allowing it to penetrate walls and floors more quickly. To prevent water damage, bathtubs and showers must be professionally sealed. Reliable sealing is also essential for health reasons, especially to prevent the growth of mould. With hyTUB sealing tape, you can do the necessary work quickly and easily. Optionally, you can combine everything with cut protection, sound insulation and/or surface protection.

hyTUB - the better supplement to silicone

Whether bathtub or shower: the places where the installations meet the wall are a problem when it comes to watertightness. Smearing the gaps with silicone alone is not sufficient and is also no longer permissible according to DIN 18534. To protect against water damage, we recommend that you seal the area behind and under the bathtub or shower tray with our joint hyTUB tape instead.

The hyTUB sealing tape provides a secure seal between tub and wall or tub and floor. Self-adhesive on both sides, it effortlessly bonds a variety of materials. Thanks to its flexible expansion zones, hyTUB adapts perfectly to tiny irregularities. Depending on the requirements, the bond can be either wet or dry.

Further advantages of sealing for showers and bathtubs:

  • adhesive processed at up to 0 °C
  • overlapping bonding possible
  • permanent sealing with no drying times
  • compatible with all types of bathtubs (acrylic, enamel, ceramic, plastic, mineral cast, wood)
  • Europe-wide patents available

The hyTUB sealing tape is also a top-league player when it comes to sustainability. As it allows an overlapping bond, you can use any remaining tape, no matter how short. This means you can use the entire roll, from the first right down to the last centimetre.

Seal baths perfectly with hydrophon

If you are looking for a secure waterproofing solution for your shower or bath, hydrophon is the right choice. Our system-tested hyTUB sealing tape can be used in conjunction with flexible and rigid sealing corners. This makes it ideal for connections of showers and bath tubs to the wall or the floor. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more.

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