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Soundproofing from hydrophon - less water noise from the bathroom

Pattering shower water, the sound of the toilet flushing, gurgling bath water – noise pollution from the bathroom can truly be annoying. It is therefore recommended to ensure reliable soundproofing when building a new bathroom or restoring an existing one. With over 20 years of experience in this field, hydrophon offers you a variety of foam-based products that can significantly reduce disturbing background noises in the bathroom.

hySILENT – the superior alternative to sound insulation boards

In the past, sound insulation boards made of foam were mainly used for soundproofing wall-mounted toilets. However, these have a critical disadvantage compared to hySILENT: With every visit to the toilet, a downward pressure is exerted on the material until it eventually succumbs to the constant loads. This causes the toilet bowl to tilt forward. In the worst case, the silicone joint cracks. This not only looks unsightly, but also carries the risk of moisture penetrating the substrate. With hySILENT, the pressure is distributed much more evenly on the wall. Since the ceramic permanently retains its position, there is no risk of the joint cracking. Readjustment is just as unnecessary as replacing the silicone joint.

Uncomplicated installation saves time and effort

WC installation with hySILENT is effortless. You simply stick the sound insulation tape, which is only 2.5 millimetres thick, onto the back of the wall-mounted toilet. Thanks to the flexible joint, it adapts perfectly to the curve of the ceramic. The glue holds extremely securely. You can immediately bolt the toilet to the wall. This gives you an uncomplicated way to achieve a sound reduction of up to about 5 decibels.

Save storage capacity with hySILENT soundproofing

If you are installing soundproofing systems on a large scale, you can save storage capacity with hySILENT. Only 1,200 conventional sets for wall-mounted toilets fit on a single pallet, but 16,800 hySILENT sets.

More peace and quiet in the bathroom with hydrophon sound insulation expertise

In addition to our self-adhesive sound insulation for toilets, we also offer a large number of other solutions for soundproofing and sealing. A special feature of our products is that they are not screwed but glued/adhered. The model for this is the automotive industry, where the use of adhesives instead of screw connections has made processing significantly faster and easier.

Do you want to find out more about our soundproofing systems? We would be pleased to give you more information about our products in a personal consultation. Please feel free to contact us.

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