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Sealing cuffs for pipe penetrations - long-lasting protection against water damage in the bathroom

In order to ensure a permanently healthy building structure, it is essential that water connections and other pipe penetrations in the bathroom are properly sealed. To prevent moisture damage to masonry and the formation of mould, it must be ensured that no moisture can penetrate into the substrate in the area of installation openings. Our hyFLAT sealing cuffs give you a durable, flexible and standard-compliant sealing result without investing a great deal of time and effort.

Time-saving installation thanks to self-adhesive design

hyFLAT Sealing cuffs are a perfect complement to sealing membranes. While the latter protects the floor and walls in the vicinity of bathtubs and showers from spray water, the hyFLAT cuffs ensure watertight sealing for installation openings underneath tiles and slabs. Self-adhesive and permanently elastic, they are easy to install and adapt perfectly to their surroundings. Unlike sealing cuffs which are sealed with liquid film and require a drying time, no drying time is required in this case. Tiles and other wall and floor coverings can be laid immediately.

Your advantages:

  • Cable feedthrough without lubricants
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Standard sealing level is 8 times lower. Confirmes by MPA Braunschweig
  • 1 hyFLAT cuff replaces up to 3 competition collars
  • Compatible with all cable sizes
  • Reduction of inventories

Water damage doesn't stand a chance - hydrophon hyFLAT sealing cuffs and sealing tape

An improperly executed pipe penetration is frequently the cause of serious damage that can only be repaired at great expense. This is therefore not something where you can afford to make compromises. With DIN-compliant, maintenance-free hydrophon fyFLAT sealing cuffs, you can permanently protect the walls around water and sewage pipes from penetrating moisture.

Advantages of pipe penetration:

  • permantly elastic
  • for all surfaces
  • no drying time
  • universal collar
  • flexible adaptable to the installation situation
  • durable sealing and long lasting

We would be pleased to give you more information about this type of sealing. Simply contact us for a personal consultation.

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