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Preventing sound bridges in sanitary ceramics

Sanitary ceramics carry sound directly into the wall and thus always cause an undesirable background noise. You can prevent this with our hySilent sanitary ceramic strips.

The use on sanitary ceramics has become established. However, the ordinary sound insulation panel gives way after frequent loading, which leads to the ceramic having to be reattached or the silicone joint cracking. The sound-absorbing effect of the panel diminishes because it is subjected to too much load in the lower area. Thanks to the high density, nothing can happen to you with the hySilent sanitary ceramic strip.

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Preventing sound bridges in sanitary ceramics

Modern solutions for bathroom waterproofing

Since a conventional sound insulation board is laid over the ceramic, the protrusion must be cut off at great expense. This costs time and at the same time means a greater expenditure of material. The storage of the slabs also takes up more capacity than would be necessary according to our conception. To solve these problems, we have developed our new product with our 25 years of experience in this field: the hySilent sanitary ceramic strips.

Challenges of sound insulation rethought

Sound insulation panels are not only problematic from a logistical point of view. A widespread problem is also that the ceramic can loosen even during normal use and needs to be retightened. If too much force is then applied, the tension is transferred to the tile underneath and thus also promotes tile breakage.

The requirements for a modern solution for sound insulation are therefore clear:

  • material-saving
  • flexible
  • resistant
  • easy to install

universal solution for all ceramics

Not only can you use our hySilent ceramic strips for ceramics of any size, you can also save a lot of space: One piece of our sanitary ceramic strip requires only one tenth of the space. The strip is flexible and can absorb the forces acting on the underlying material even after it has been fixed.

As a result, we have developed a product that is sustainable on the one hand, but also easier to install and can withstand even high loads effortlessly.

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