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Prevent capillary action

Inadequate waterproofing systems lead to hidden leaks. Water can penetrate walls and floors through the finest hairline cracks and spread far into the building fabric through capillary action. Find out how our capillary protection tape counteracts this.

Capillary protection tape against water damage due to leaks

Time and again, hidden leaks in the bathroom lead to damage in adjoining rooms. As a rule, defective sealing systems are to blame. For example, through almost invisible cracks in the joints, the smallest amounts of water pass unnoticed into the false ceiling, where they are slowly absorbed by their surroundings.

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Prevent capillary action

Sealing systems against hairline cracks

Since the moisture in the false ceiling cannot evaporate, the surrounding building components become increasingly soaked until at some point water stains become visible on the wall or ceiling. By then, the damage is often so extensive that extensive and expensive renovation becomes necessary. This scenario can be prevented by bathroom waterproofing with hyFlat capillary protection tape, which reliably prevents the transfer of water from wet areas to adjacent floor surfaces.

Flexible waterproofing systems

Mounted before the final bonding of the sealing membrane, the hyFlat capillary protection tape is an optimal supplement for our self-adhesive, flexible sealing systems. The easy-to-install bathroom waterproofing is particularly suitable for installation in the vicinity of level-tiled showers and bathrooms as well as for the transition and door area between wet areas and adjacent surfaces.

Prevent capillary action

The dry-adhesive hyFlat capillary protection tape with its 10 millimetre high sealing lip prevents water from penetrating the floor or walls by capillary action. Thus, the damage remains limited to the bathroom or the separated area.

Hidden sealing system

Visually, the capillary protection tape is not noticeable at all. In the area of the door frame, the bathroom waterproofing disappears between the bathroom tiles and the living room floor covering. As a wet room interruption, the sealing systems are enclosed by tiles on both sides and thus also remain hidden from view. As with the waterproofing membrane, the capillary protection tape is laid in a self-adhesive and waterless manner. Our waterproofing systems adhere to a wide variety of materials such as concrete, screed and wood and are therefore particularly flexible in use.

Protection against consequential damage caused by moisture

Whether you have a broken tile or a cracked silicone joint, our capillary protection tape prevents capillary water migration and protects you from expensive consequential damage. We can therefore highly recommend it to complete our waterproofing systems.

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