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Do not damage sealing systems during installation

On the one hand, edge insulation strips prevent tiles from cracking due to expansion caused by moisture and, on the other hand, they provide sound decoupling. However, retrofitting poses the risk of damaging underlying waterproofing systems. We have developed our hyCut edge insulation strip to counter this problem.

Do not damage sealing systems during installation

Do not damage sealing systems

It becomes problematic if the installation is to be carried out subsequently on an already existing bathroom seal. Edge insulation strips for stapling, for example, cannot be used at all because they would damage the existing waterproofing systems. Conventional self-adhesive versions, on the other hand, bear the risk that when you cut them, you not only cut through the edge insulation strip, but also the bathroom seal behind it.

Installing edge insulation strips safely

With the hyCut edge insulation strip, you are on the safe side with regard to installation and cutting. It not only meets all sound insulation requirements, but also prevents injuries to the sealing systems from sharp-edged tile cuts. In addition, a rear cut protection ensures that cutting in front of the wall cladding does not lead to any cuts on it. Even a later silicone joint renovation (silicone joint connection wall/floor tile) cannot pose a threat to the bathroom waterproofing thanks to the integrated metal mesh.

How do I apply the edge insulation strip?

The hyCut edge insulation strip is very easy to apply. All you have to do is remove the covering foil on the back and stick the edge insulation strip to the floor seal. After laying the floor tiles, trim the protruding foam strip to the optimum height. You no longer need to worry about damaging the waterproofing systems behind with the knife or trowel and can work quickly and efficiently.

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