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Bathroom sealing - even on critical transitions

Sealing with silicone is popular because it is very simple and quick. However, silicone is not a standard-compliant sealant according to DIN 18534. Tiny cracks go unnoticed during the recommended annual inspection and even through these, moisture penetrates the wall. Silicone joints should therefore be renewed annually. The hyCut joint filler makes disassembly much easier for you. Thanks to the 2-flank adhesion, you can simply tear out the silicone joint after cutting into the upper and lower edges.

Waterproofing systems - Making the bathroom watertight

As long as bathrooms were furnished in solidly walled and densely plastered rooms, the conventional tile coverings were sufficient for bathroom waterproofing. Today, however, especially in new construction, the interior of a dwelling is increasingly being designed with drywall. In damp rooms such as bathrooms, comprehensive waterproofing is essential.

Even the smallest cracks in tiles or joints can lead to capital structural damage in the medium term. That is why Hydrophon has developed waterproofing systems that ensure sustainable bathroom waterproofing even on subfloors. One of these is the joint filler with integrated cut-resistant fabric.

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Bathroom sealing - even on critical transitions

Why do you need joint filler with cut-resistant fabric

Corners and edges are particularly critical points in the bathroom waterproofing. Water collects in these areas and stands there until it is wiped off or evaporates. During this time, the water can seep in through the smallest cracks in the silicone joint.

Protect drywall - avoid damp spots

Our waterproofing system is the perfect safeguard to protect the wall behind. This is particularly important for drywall construction. Panels made of plasterboard or wood fibre react sensitively to damp spots.


Function of the cut-resistant fabric in waterproofing systems

The cut-resistant fabric ensures that you do not damage the seal behind when replacing the silicone joint. An old and porous silicone joint can be cut out without any problems. The blade does not penetrate the cut-resistant fabric. After applying the new silicone joint, the bathroom is visually restored.

Waterproofing systems from Hydrophon

The joint filler is only one part of Hydrophon's overall product range for bathroom waterproofing. The waterproofing systems are a complete programme for bathroom renovation and the construction of new wet rooms. They are particularly suitable for bathroom installations in drywall. Wooden houses are also sustainably protected against moisture by Hydrophon's solutions.

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