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Secure sealing of cable and pipe penetrations – hydrophon cuffs

Sealing in the area of cable and pipe penetrations, e.g. for water, electricity and gas lines, is a major challenge for planners and contractors alike. This is especially true if the installation site is the cellar. If it is not properly sealed, moisture can penetrate the cellar walls and rooms, causing considerable damage to the building fabric and the belongings of the residents. At hydrophon, you will find hySEAL cuffs guaranteed to make pipe and cable penetrations watertight.

Reliable sealing – a must for penetrations

Due to ignorance and lack of time, pipe and cable penetrations in cellars are often only sealed with construction foam. This often starts to leak after only a few years. A better alternative is our hySEAL self-adhesive cuff, which is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Cable penetrations for the roof

Any penetration of the airtightness layer on the roof represents a potential leakage point. Therefore, cable penetrations should be avoided in this area. If this is not possible, for example when retrofitting a satellite system, a smoke vent or a photovoltaic system, our hySEAL cable cuffs provide a remedy. Simply pull these over the cable and glue them to the airtightness layer.

hySEAL pipe and cable penetrations for walls

A fully functional sealing of interior walls is an important protective measure against damp walls caused by pressing water. Any cable or pipe penetration represents a potential weak point. For this reason, you should take special care when sealing. Our cuffs and sealing strips are suitable for:

  • cable penetrations for garden lighting,
  • subsequent installation of an exterior lighting system,
  • installation of ventilation systems,
  • retrofitting of alarm systems,
  • outdoor temperature controls for heating systems,
  • sensor technology (e.g. outdoor sensors for Smart Home),
  • pipe penetrations for water connections / bathroom connections for outdoor use,
  • infrared radiators for outdoor use,
  • installation of awnings and much more.

Permanently watertight pipe and cable penetrations with hydrophon

Whether it's a matter of airtightness for roof penetrations or watertightness for wall breakthroughs: with our hySEAL self-adhesive sealing, every pipe and cable penetration is permanently sealed. The pipe penetrations are suitable for pipes with a diameter of 15 to 300 millimetres. We offer you cuffs for cable penetrations in sizes ranging from 3 to 25 millimetres.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about sealing pipe and cable penetrations. We will gladly provide you with further information.

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