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The hyTUB tub sealing tape enables secure sealing between the tub and the wall or the tub and the floor. Self-adhesive on both sides, it effortlessly joins different materials. Thanks to its flexible expansion zones, hyTUB adapts optimally to the smallest of irregularities. Depending on the requirements, the connection can be both wet and dry.

Further advantages of waterproofing for showers and bathtubs:

  1.     Processing of the adhesive at up to 0 °C
  2.     overlapping bonding possible
  3.     permanent sealing without drying times
  4.     compatible with all types of bathtubs (acrylic, enamel, ceramic, plastic, mineral casting, wood)
  5.     Europe-wide patents available

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Steffen Kurzeja
Steffen Kurzeja
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hyTub - The self-adhesive tub sealing tape

Tub sealing tape


Dry connection

WKS* 95 mm dry
Butyl 95 mm dry
ESR* 95 mm dry
WKS* 75 mm dry
Butyl 75 mm dry

*WKS = tub edge adhesive strip
*ESR tub frame from Kaldewei

Nassanbindung mit Vlies

Wet bond with fleece

WKS* 95 mm wet (fleece)
Butyl 95 mm wet (fleece)
WKS* 75 mm wet (fleece)
Butyl 75 mm wet (fleece)


Can also be combined as:

WKS* 95 mm wet/dry
Butyl 95 mm wet/dry
Butyl 95 mm wet/dry
Butyl 75 mm wet/dry


Bathroom waterproofing systems // Tub sealing tape – hydrophon

Our double-sided self-adhesive, fleece-free tub sealing tape provides a permanent invisible moisture barrier between the tub and the wall or the tub and the floor. It fulfills all the requirements of DIN 18534 and has passed all the relevant tests. The application of the tub sealing tape should not present you with any major challenges. Installation is possible as long as the temperature does not fall below 0 °C. In the first step, you attach the red adhesive strip, which is about 20 mm wide, all around the bathtub so that the non-adhesive base of black foam protrudes upwards over the bathtub. Then place the corners for the wall or floor connection. Now all you have to do is remove the protective film from the back, insert the tub and press the tape to the wall or floor.

Tub sealing tape with sound insulation

mit Schallschutz hinten

with sound insulation at the back

mit Schallschutz vorne

with front sound insulation

Density corners

flexible Dichtecken

flexible sealing corners

Dichtecke starr

Wedge 20 mm with butyl
Wedge 28 mm
Wedge 28 mm with butyl
Wedge 40 mm
Wedge 40 mm with butyl


Eckverlängerung Wannenradius

Corner extension
Tub radius

Flachecke bodeneben

Flat corner flush with floor

Surface, sound insulation and fleece adhesive tape


Tub surface protection


Drop protection sleeve

Vliesklebeband nass

Fleece adhesive tape wet


DN50 dry
DN50 wet
DN40 dry
DN40 wet



hyCut - Cut protection

Schnitthemmendes Gewebe rot

Cut-resistant fabric red

Randdämmstreifen mit Metallgitter

Edge insulation strip with metal grid

Schnitthemmender Fugenfüller

Cut-resistant joint filler


Trowel protection strips

Bathroom sealing // cut-resistant joint sealant – hydrophon

Organic substances such as skin and hair attack the joints in the bathroom. As a result, conventional grout fillers such as silicone become brittle over time. Hairline cracks develop, which can lead to mold growth. Therefore, the joints must be checked annually for tightness and maintained if necessary. Our cut-resistant joint filler fulfills several functions in this respect. On the one hand, it protects the bathtub sealing tape from being accidentally cut when changing joints. On the other hand, you save a lot of time during removal, as you only have to pull the round cord out of the joint - which is very simple and easy with a very high tear strength of 100 kg. The advantage here is the 2-flank adhesion, which makes removal much easier than the 3-flank adhesion. The joint filler is compressible. The material opens up behind the tile and optimally protects the substrate towards the front. The joint remains flexible and elastic and ensures maximum moisture protection even in fluctuating temperatures.

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