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Bathroom sealing from hydrophon – fast and clean like no other

Again and again, moisture damage in the vicinity of bathrooms occurs due to missing or inadequate sealing. Through the supposedly impermeable tile covering, water vapour and spray water penetrate into the substrate, causing expensive damage to the fabric of the building. The corrosion of metallic building materials, the detachment of tiles and efflorescence on the surface are further consequences of inadequate bathroom sealing. Our composite seals allow you to play it safe in this respect. It takes only a little effort to make the whole bathroom watertight – quickly, cleanly and with no drying times.

Why sealing with silicone does not provide sufficient protection

The greatest risk potential for moisture damage in buildings lies in the movement joints around shower trays and bathtubs. Therefore you should pay more attention to these when waterproofing the bathroom. In the past, the areas to be sealed were simply smeared with silicone. This no longer suffices as a sole sealing measure.

The most common problem in bathroom sealing using this elastic compound is the formation of hidden silicone joint cracks. Within four years, the material loses much of its flexibility, making it no longer able to withstand the constant tensile and compressive loads. The process is accelerated by the action of organic substances such as skin and hair. As maintenance joints, silicone joints require annual inspection and must be renewed regularly. However, it cannot be ruled out that moisture may penetrate through tiny cracks that are invisible to the naked eye.

A simple, yet reliable solution to the problem is offered by our composite seals, which you apply directly when installing a shower or bathtub. They form a permanent invisible moisture barrier between the tiles and the substrate and keep water and moisture on the surface.

hyFlat – Waterproofing for wall & floor

The hyFlat waterproofing system provides permanent and flexible waterproofing in accordance with standards. Only one action instead of several steps - this ensures a high processing speed. In addition, our hyFlat system requires no drying time and thus offers clear advantages over liquid waterproofing. Tiles and other wall and floor coverings can be applied immediately.

hyFlat product overview

hyTub – Sealing for shower trays & bathtub

We recommend our hyTub products for the area behind bathtubs and shower trays. The double-sided self-adhesive sealing systems bond to a wide variety of materials and have a flexible expansion zone for uneven surfaces. As it allows an overlapping connection, you can use every last scrap. This means that the entire roll can be used by you from the first to the last centimetre.

hyTub product overview

hyPrime – Bonding agent

The products of our hyPrime brand are used wherever work is carried out on surfaces that are difficult to bond. For surface preparation, our primer sprays can be used to further increase the adhesive effect of various sealing systems.

hyPrime product overview

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