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Our sealing systems include, for example, sealing tapes, sealing membranes, sealing corners with capillary protection and sealing sleeves for pipe penetrations and drainage. We have brought these and more products together under different product brands, each covering a specific area. Below you can read more about the idea behind each product brand. Here you will also find an overview of the individual products in our waterproofing systems.

If you like our products at first sight, you can have a sample box delivered to you and have the advantages of individual products explained to you in detail in a digital sales appointment. We have developed our hyefficiency kit for this purpose.

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Steffen Kurzeja
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hyFlat – Waterproofing for wall & floor

The hyFlat waterproofing system provides permanent and flexible waterproofing in accordance with standards. Only one action instead of several steps - this ensures a high processing speed. In addition, our hyFlat system requires no drying time and thus offers clear advantages over liquid waterproofing. Tiles and other wall and floor coverings can be applied immediately.

hyFlat product overview

hyTub – Sealing for shower trays & bathtub

We recommend our hyTub products for the area behind bathtubs and shower trays. The double-sided self-adhesive sealing systems bond to a wide variety of materials and have a flexible expansion zone for uneven surfaces. As it allows an overlapping connection, you can use every last scrap. This means that the entire roll can be used from the first to the last centimetre.

hyTub product overview

hyCut – cut-resistant products

Sealing systems prevent leaks and thus protect the substrate from moisture penetration and a resulting damage. To ensure that your waterproofing is not damaged during the annual silicone joint maintenance, we have developed our hyCut product brand. The two-flank adhesion greatly reduces the expenditure of maintenance required.

hyCut product overview

hyPrime – Bonding agent

The products of our hyPrime brand are used wherever work is carried out on surfaces that are difficult to bond. For surface preparation, our primer sprays can be used to further increase the adhesive effect of various sealing systems.

hyPrime product overview

hySilent – safe soundproofing

The products in our hySilent series distribute the pressure evenly over the wall. This prevents joint cracks and achieves a sound reduction of up to 5 decibels. The product is simply applied to the back of the sanitary ceramic. An enormous amount of storage capacity is saved, especially compared to the classic sound insulation panel, as all panels can be replaced by the hySilent sanitary ceramic strip.

hySilent product overview

hySeal – Sealing for line and cable penetration

The products of our hySeal brand offer reliable sealing of power cables, lines and conduits. They can be used to seal all types of passages quickly and easily.

Learn more about the hySeal sealing sleeve

hyTool – Montagewerkzeuge & Zubehör

The products of our hyTool brand round off our range of waterproofing systems. With them, we also provide the tools needed to realise bathroom waterproofing quickly, cleanly and thoroughly.

hyTool product overview

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